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Sky Plus HD
Sky+ HD DRX890 500Gb PVR satellite receiver

Sky Plus HD Sky+ HD DRX890 2Tb PVR satellite receiver

Sky Plus Sky HD DRX595 Digibox. Mini Sky Receiver

Transparent satellite dishes
Transparent 85cm dish

Transparent Sky dishes

Sky mini dishes
Zone 1 & 2 Sky Mini Dishes


Transparent Sky Dishes
Selfsat Dishes
Heavy duty 60cm 70cm and 90cm

Sky LNBs Sky mini dish single
Sky mini dish quad
Sky mini dish octo
Titanium Sky single
Titanium Sky twin
Titanium Sky quad
Titanium Sky quatro
Technomate Sky Octo

Large dishes for Spain Sky receivers
Freesat receivers
Large dishes for Spain
Primesat 1.1m dish. Primesat 1.25m dish. Primesat 1.3m dish. Primesat 1.4m dish. Primesat 1.8m dish. Primesat 2.3m dish. Primesat 3.1m dish. Primesat 3.7m dish. Primesat 4.5m dish..

Sky handsets Sky handsets with TV eyes Sky handsets with TV eyes
A wide range of Sky accessories including Sky handsets, TV eyes, distribution amps etc.

SLX 5.8GHz video sender Video sender
New 5,8GHz SLX unit. This unit does not interfering with wireless networks. Send the satellite signal to other TVs in other rooms without wires

twin cable

4 LNB cable

Satellite Cables & Connectors

Professional F Connectors
Very low loss single Reels
Webro WF100 single Reels
Low cost single. Reels
Twin cable. Reels
4 LNB cable. Reels

screw-on F connectors
Professional F connectors
F compression tool
Cable stripper
Push-on F adaptors
Right angle F adaptors
Back to back F couplers
F Connector terminators

Made up F cables single
Made up F cables twin
Made up F cables quad

UHF connectors
Back to back UHF couplers
Coach bolts and plugs
External wall plate
Internal wall tidy
Cable ties.
Motor control cable
Weather boots
Amalgamating tape
Euro plugs
Outlet plates
Single & double clips
RTriax Sky Q Interface

RTriax Sky Q multiswitches

Sky Q interface.

Sky Q interface.

Sky Q multiswitches.

Triax Sky Q multiswitches.
Triax Sky Q 5X4
Triax Sky Q 5X8
Triax Sky Q 5X16

Made up cables Made up F cables single
Made up F cables twin
Made up F cables quad Compression F tool
Weather boots
Amalgamating tape
Euro plugs
Outlet plates

Sky in a caravan

Sky in a caravan.

SLX Omni Link Kit. Wired control
for all receivers with a UHF output

Omni link kit.

Just like the TV eye link system used for Sky Digiboxes, this system works with all receivers.
It all works with the existing UHF distribution system in your home.
Control up to three devices. One remote link eye includes for one remote room. Extra
SLX link eyes for more rooms are available below.
Connect up the link to the satellite receiver and the TV link at the end of the cable in the remote
room and have full control of the satellite receiver from that room. Click here to order.

Triax Trilink. Wired control
for all receivers without a UHF output

Triax Trilink.

If you are buying a freesat receiver or a non Sky receiver without a UHF outlet, you will need this kit if
you want to distribute TV around the house with control in each room. (Cabling is needed).
The built in modulator converts the scart output of your receiver to UHF and the internal link is
a special TV eye system for non Sky receivers so that your handset has control in other rooms.
No freesat receiver has this built in and so it is an ideal addition. The UHF output can feed
an existing UHF distribution amplifier if watching TV in several rooms with control is required.
A TV eye is included but additional TV eyes can be added. Click here to order.

(All prices on this web site include VAT.)

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See our other web site at-

This site includes many products that are exclusive to the Satellite Superstore.
The site contains -
Products that we manufacture (e.g. We have manufactured heavy duty wall mounts and ground stands since 1991).
Selected products which have our own Primesat brand name and have been prepared to our specifications.
Selected products where we have been appointed the authorised UK or European distributor by the manufacturer. is an information site. Here you will find full specifications and many detailed pictures.
To buy any of these products, simply order them on this web site.

Link to our own satellite museum site

Satellite Museum. A Museum of vintage satellite receivers.

Satcom 7700 satellite receiver.

For old Satellite receivers with knobs on and the history of satellite TV.

Also see A Museum of vintage consumer electronics.
Vintage reel to reel video recorders. Vintage VHS and Betamax VCRs. Vintage video cameras. Vintage
Laser Disc. Vintage Computers. Old telephones. Old brick mobile phones. Vintage Hi Fi, Old reel
to reel audio and early audio cassette decks. Including, the history time line of vintage
consumer electronics ... and much more .....

Sony 2400 portable reel to reel video

It is well worth a visit.
Only The Satellite Superstore brings you
great products, advice and it's own museum.

Rewind Museum

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Hard tonneau cover for the 1947-53 Chevy truck. Hard tonneau cover for the 1947-53 Chevy truck.
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In addition, there is a hard high quality tonneau cover on a new web site
at for the 1947-53 Chevy truck.

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